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1:1, team, or organizational coaching for leaders or groups looking to empower people to contribute fully.

Workshops, training, and talent development programs that build people-centric processes and skills.

From retreats to policies to conflict resolution: choose the work and resources your company needs.

  • “Ellen’s deep experience and commitment to success helps me focus on goals, remove roadblocks, and feel confident guiding high contribution from everyone at my company. Being a founder is hard. It would feel impossible if I didn’t have Ellen.”

    - M.P., Founder & CEO, consumer tech startup
  • “Ellen knows the Valley, she knows business, and most of all she knows what makes people tick. She challenges people to be their best. No wonder she’s a go to for great entrepreneurs.”

    - Greg Selkoe, Co-Founder, Curateurs.com; Founder & Former CEO, Karmaloop
  • “I count on Ellen for big thinking, business insight, and solid reality checks. She balances wisdom with proven business know-how. Our work leaves me energized, focused, and ready for whatever is ahead.”

    - Patrick Jones, Founder & CEO, Vocatio.com
  • “Ellen is there when it’s time to think big and when the going gets tough. Her experience and empathy is unrivaled. She inspires all around her to aim high and stay on course. Her perspective helps me move forward, take action, and see the change I am looking to make in myself and my situation. Ellen helps me be my best.”

    - Shaherose Charania, Founder & CEO, Women 2.0
  • “I called on Ellen during a challenging time and gained more than I ever expected. My clarity and confidence grew through my work with her, giving me new ways to lead my team and to get other stakeholders aligned with my vision. 100% satisfaction, and then some.”

    - W.H., enterprise software CEO
  • “Ellen’s workshop on Unconscious Bias gave our organization new tools for understanding and getting beyond entrenched habits. Her knowledge and candor put everyone at ease and gave us new tools for being a more effective team.”

    - Adrienne Huesca, Intellectual Property, Jawbone; Startup & VC Advisor

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