TwitPicEllen knows what it’s like to build, grow, fail, regroup, and achieve.

A veteran of early Apple, Ellen championed the company’s first online presence, building the movement that led to Apple’s early digital leadership. Inspired by great leaders (and baffled by the other kind), she learned to trust her gut, challenge the status quo, and see “people” as the catalyst for every business success.

Her 35 year career has put her at the front line of more than 50 startup companies, including three of her own. She sold two well-known “maker” businesses in the ’90s and launched one of Facebook’s first practical applications – a popular platform for social list-making – in 2007. A bootstrapped founder, she built these businesses while helping companies including Oracle, Intuit, Samsung, Intuit, MCI, and others establish their earliest digital activity.

Since then, Ellen has led global marketing communications for Google Enterprise, guided several mobile innovators through successful exits, and coached founding teams through fundings, growth, acquisitions, and a full spectrum of interpersonal scenarios. She has consulted to Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, NeXT, Google, startup teams, and portfolio cohorts.

“Ellen is an inspiring forward thinker whose experience, intuition, and insight brings out the best in any innovator.”  Victor Lombard, Founder, BLAK Financial Group

“Ellen has been critical to our growth. Her intelligent approach to problem-solving has shaped D-Rev’s strategy.”      Dr. Krista Donaldson, CEO, D-Rev

The mother of three entrepreneurial sons, Ellen has been named a Silicon Valley Woman of Influence and one of technology’s Top Five Marketers.Her insights on effective communications have received more than four million views. She was a 2012 White House Innovation Fellowship finalist and a 2016 TEDx speaker. Ellen teaches “Enlightened Innovation” through Stanford Continuing Studies. She lives in San Francisco and is currently writing a book on the art of “thinking different.”