It’s incredible to see the difference clear cultural tenets make as a company commits to growth. My early work at Apple and at dozens of companies since then gives me a unique perspective on building the ground rules at the core of a company’s purpose. Building unique, actionable, and sustainable cultural tenets, I help leadership teams anchor the real purpose of their company in a way that helps with hiring decisions, goal setting, product definition, customer retention and so much more.

Nothing catalyzes change like clear cultural tenets. Whether your company is starting out or wishing you had a culture framework to turn to, I’m here to help. My deep business experience, research and ideation methodology, and true passion for the value of effective cultures ensures you’ll get a framework you can grow with through all of the steps ahead.

“We messed up. We tried to get to launch without a clear mission statement and culture and we nearly crashed. Ellen turned things around and gave us a game plan everyone on the team wanted to follow. Now we know where we’re going, WHY we’re going there, and how we’ll stay focused as we go forward.” E.D., Chairman, enterprise technology platform