individual coaching

One-on-one coaching guides new skills that help new leadership habits rise, gain momentum, and generate results. For founders, C-level leaders, and anyone looking to increase impact and satisfaction, coaching delivers new ways of dealing with vision, interpersonal dynamics, orientation toward success, and the inevitable challenges of business life.

Ellen helped me get beyond workplace drama and unite my team around the success we needed to deliver. N.B., ed-tech startup Director of Operations

Team or cohort COACHING

Skill-building across organizations puts people on the same page, avoiding the pitfalls that limit impact and success. Whether working through known challenges or building ground rules for efficient, clear interactions, executive teams or any business group can “raise the tide” while creating healthy, sustainable teamwork and results.


At your office and on your schedule, I catalyzes change across your organization through individual coaching, team or workgroup sessions, talent optimization, and educational workshops. Standing Office Hours schedules gives managers reliable access to skill-building and provides ongoing checkpoints for progress toward results. 

Having Ellen in our office is an employee benefit. It’s improved retention and helped people know we care. R.F., enterprise software COO


Get everyone on your team to the next level with new perspectives and techniques guiding clarity, ambition, and accountability. Creativity and Innovation, ways to overcome unconscious bias, meeting and communication optimization, and brain-aware business practices are among the new proficiencies I bring to teams.

Her workshop on gave us new tools and rules. We have agreement now: ways to collaborate that we lacked before.” H.N., enterprise software VP Diversity